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Whose Democracy Was Protected in the 2022 Election?

The Democrats are celebrating their win in the November election as a victory for democracy, a welcoming assertion if they’ve indeed checked the anti-democratic tendencies in the Republican Party and elsewhere. But it was also surely a defaulted one, dependent to a...

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Demonizing the Few to Alienate and Sway the Many

Demonizing the Few to Alienate and Sway the Many John O’Kane The only media fixation that’s more irritating than the saturation coverage of candidates running for an office nearly two years ahead of the election instead of discussing issues, is the punditry of...

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Drops and the Dropped

DROPS, AND THE DROPPED: DIVERSITY AND THE MIDTERM ELECTIONS John O’Kane The left professes diversity as its vehicle and goal to expand power and bring more of the deserving into the system but, ironically, it’s one of the reasons why the Democrats fared so poorly in...

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